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In the shadow of her smile

Some emotions are irrepressible
Some thoughts are not meant to be shared
But my warning will never reach you
Until it’s too late



I hate you
Even before meeting you
I hate you from so deep inside

You are taking what I have of the most precious
Who are you?
Why did you enter our secret sanctuary?

I hate you
Why should I share her with you?
Why are you coming and disrupting the balance?

I’m scared
Why did she let you enter her heart?
What if you hurt her?

I pray you prove me wrong
But prove my doubts right
And I will tear you apart

I will never forgive you
How could I give her to you?
How can I protect her from you?

Is she strong enough to fly by herself?
Why does it have to be by your side?


Or is it me that is not strong enough to let go?

Am I weak? and will I lose this fight?

But because she is my strength
No matter what
In the shadow of her smile
I’ll watch her back

So don’t you dare break it
I’ll be there



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A passion that lives and fades away

A passion that lives and fades away



I step backwards as you step forward

and suddenly the music sweeps us away

or was it your lead?


Through your hands, through your hips

a change of balance,  a new direction

a half step, a quarter turn

and the room fade in a rainbow of colours


Guide me through space

make me realise the music flowing through our bodies

like the wind in our wings

bring us to new horizons


Turn your head

straighten your back

to the tempo



but I can’t

my heart is in disarray

I trust you

our eyes never meet, no words are exchanged

but step by step

our bodies are becoming one


Once more

you pull me into your word

controlling every move

make me dance until we can’t feel our feet

floating on a  stage that belongs only to us


This beautiful ephemeral dream

An art dying as it’s realising its full potential

under their eyes

but I can’t see it


I’m living it

I’m living it against you

I am an extension of your body

an ornament

you careful and gently handle

making me rise higher and higher


Step stop smile

out of breath

one turn, your turn, mine

your arm pulling me closer

to a world only you see

and share with me


A passion that lives and fades away

the time of a dance



while learning the valse

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A cry for war!

A cry for war!

You know, leaders are never the ones to go to war
Never the ones carrying that bomb that is going to explode
They are the ones pushing the buttons
Making decision behind closed doors
But when is it ever their blood pouring
Their bones shattering
Their brain splotching on the mud
Their being disappearance
Because if they were to disappear, who would lead the rest of “us” to “a better world”

Oh but maybe they can’t sleep at night
As they made that decision “for the best of all of us”
Because their responsibility was too heavy on their shoulders
But have they ever dragged on their back the pieces of a “previously human”
Oh but who are we, us followers, to know the struggles of the leaders?

They say it wouldn’t do anything to kill the leader
Someone else is going to step up
But what if we sent those leaders to fight against each other?
And they can kill themselves between them, for the ideals they believe
And when they fall
Don’t worry
Another person can step in and pick up the fight
Wouldn’t that minimise the damages and be the most productive form of all wars
For the whole world?

And please, please, for the sake of our small little world,
Leave the rest of us outside of that ring
Where you fight like salvage animals
And may the strongest wins
This interminable war

Can we vote?
Don’t worry, leader, you have the right just as much as us to vote on it
And you have the right to step down if the choice is too hard for you
Someone else is going to step into that crazy ring
Ah, did I forget your tyranny? Did I forget you were the leader?
I thought we were all equals as humans
Until human laws and bomb powers made us unequal
Oh but don’t worry, I would never step into your shoes
I have no interest in reigning over the world,
Only over my own little person

And I cry for war
And/or our world




In rebellion against those crazy wars, nuclear bomb threads and terrorist attacks
Happening all around the world
For no good reason
For those powerful leaders who know no better how to lead their countrymen
For those who know no better than to follow them
For those who think they know and are powerless
For those who are like me, a grain of salt in the ocean
Who don’t know where the waves will bring them when they crash

PS: I usually don’t comment on politics and international affairs as those are really not my domain of expertise and my comprehension of the world mechanisms is really limited, but I thought that getting only those who want to be “leaders” and “defend their ideals” to fight against each other was an idea worth sharing. Spread the word if you think it is 😛

signed by a naive human being

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Winter lost flower

The straight arrow of a compass
Turning around and around
When dropped on a magnet
Lost in a starless night

A flame flickering
Shadows shivering
The wings of a butterfly
Blown away by a sigh

The silent yelling of a stone
Drowning in ice
A bubble trapped in the sea
The fear of the wave
Frozen in its movement

And I close my eyes
Close my mind
Trying to find inside
In the stormy ice tearing this being apart

How to find it?

I am drowning in fears
So hard to catch each breath
A stab in my chest each time

Warmblood galloping
Each step pounding in my head
The wind slapping my face
The  water clearing away my vision
The salty drops burning up my wounds

Something is burning inside
Can’t find its way out
A red camellia blooming
In the winter snow

I am alive
And seeking my soul





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Bite life

Bite life

Bite life
sweet bitterness
so that tomorrow




while her soul mate was looking at the sunset in Ethiopia,
while she was looking at the sunrise in Iceland,
while their feelings were connected on this little planet…



(1): unknown artist

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Missing sense

I miss the taste of your voice

The sound of your hand in my hair

The sight of your embrace

The smell of your cheeks

The touch of your laugh

My senses are dull

When you are not in me

Days and nights are gray

I lost track

How far has it been?

Did I tell you

It doesn’t make sense

How I miss you


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Desire for the words to live

From poetry is born a desire

A desire for the words magic to be shared

To fly their own path

To where the wind brings life
From music is born a desire

A desire for the sounds to be touched

To play with your heart

To where the accords bring harmony
From soul is born a desire

A desire for dreams to be

To reach you

To where we share a moment

Even though we don’t know

This humming melody


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Desire for the words to live

From peotry is born a desir

A desire for the words magic to be shared

To fly their own path

To where the wind brings life
From music is born a desire

A desir for the sounds to be touched

To play with your heart

To where the accords bring harmony
From soul is born a desire

A desire for dreams to be

To reach you

To where we share a moment

Even though we don’t know

This humming melody


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You are my star


You are shining

Let me fly
I will grab the light
Open my wings and join you into the sky

Will you be my steady star
Guiding me through the night?

Teach me how to walk on thin air
Dive without closing my eyes
Heart beating so strong
That I feel it tingling into my hair

Push me
To the horizons I have never seen
Lit that fire in me
I am a black canvas
Make me your piece of art
Until I break into a firework

Will you make me a shooting star
Sparking a dream in the unknown?

Let’s go to the moon
Even if we lack air
Even if we burn to ashes
Even if we get swallow into the emptiness
Tease that inspiration in me
From a thin line
To a steel conviction
Steer the arrow of my compass

Starring light
Where will we go?
The sky is endless

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on Inspiration

Ref: inspired by Yuri on Ice